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Believe: A Study of John

Companion guide available!

The Gospel of John is an incredible collection of stories about Jesus as the Messiah of God. As we will see, John is quite different from the other Gospels, focusing on the deity of Jesus and on signs that point to and highlight Jesus as Messiah. Over the next year, during our Sunday Gatherings, we will be going through the book of John and raising our level of belief of who Jesus is and how that changes the way we live our lives.

Believe: A Study of John Companion Guide

Do you have a desire to go deeper into the book of John with others? You can do that with the companion guide. We will be working through the Gospel of John week by week as a church family, and wanted to help you engage the Scriptures more deeply and experience Jesus more fully. The guide is designed to be used with two to four others in a disciple-making relationship. You’ll review the Scripture each week and answers questions that will help you apply it to your life. There are questions that will help you engage with your children, and a section with historical context. Printed versions are available in the Atrium or download a copy online below.

IN YOUR GROUP Questions: We encourage you to use the Believe Companion Guide for your group discussion time. 

Listen to the Podcast!

Believe: A Study in John is a weekly podcast that invites you to join a conversation, with Pastor Marvin Williams and Carolyn Kersten, on the week's passage from the book of John. You'll hear fresh perspectives, practical insights, and see how easy it is to have your own conversation around a Scripture passage with those you are discipling. Listen to the podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. Click the button below for the complete list of options.