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Family Dedication

November 21

Family Dedication

Family Dedication is a significant milestone we celebrate at Trinity Church. As parents dedicate themselves to the awesome responsibility of being the primary disciple makers of their children, we as a church family, commit to supporting and partnering with them. We recognize this special commitment and the unique partnership between the church and parents. Part of the Family Dedication process is equipping parents, so Spiritual Parenting Training (see below) and the Dedication Class on SundayNovember 14 at 11:00am is required. If you'd like to participate in the next Family Dedication on November 21, please sign up below.

Spiritual Parenting Training

Spiritual parenting is not perfect parenting—it’s parenting from a spiritual perspective. The end goal is to pass on a vibrant and transforming faith, not just raise kids with good behavior. The goal of parenting is to see our children embrace a life-transforming faith. Now, we can't change our children's hearts, only God does that. Our job is to create environments in our homes where the Holy Spirit can work. We come alongside what He is doing to shape our children's hearts to deeply love God and others. Spiritual Parenting will help you learn how to create these environments in your home. This training is valuable for all families, no matter the age of your child. It's especially beneficial to go through the training more than once! And, it’s required for all families participating in Family Dedication at Trinity on November 21. You'll gain practical examples, biblical insights, and helpful resources that will change the way you parent.

It's not too late to sign up for Spiritual Parenting Training Sundays, October 10-31 at 11:00am in Room 166. There is no cost for this training and childcare is available. Sign up below for this valuable resource!