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It's Not What You Think

Free Online Course


Pastor Marvin just wrapped up the series, It's Not What You Think which covered commonly used Christian terms, where they came from, what they mean and what we should do with this information. We're excited to announce that we're offering an online course! Whether you would like to review a particular topic or to continue the lessons, tune into our new It's Not What You Think online course. You can learn more about Salvation, Gospel, Worship, Baptism, the Church, Giving, Missions, Heaven, Hell and more. It's a great opportunity to grow with others as you watch and discuss these short videos together.

Sign-up for a free account at to begin the course and watch at your own pace. We have launched this new site to offer online courses, podcasts, and other resources each month to equip you to grow in your faith. Stay tuned for new courses to be added in the coming months.