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The Loop (5th/6th Grades) Lesson

Weekly Loop Lesson

Friendship 101

Lesson Overview

Lesson Title: Friendship 101: Lesson 3

Main Point:  Real friends are those we can be real with.

Key Scripture: John 15:15 “....I have called you friends....”


Who You Say I Am
Yes I Will

Teaching Segment Video

Friendship 101 Lesson 3

Let's Talk About It

Things to think about: do you start being real with your friends? First, ask God what He thinks about you and ask Him to show you who He’s made you to be. Second, get to know God more. Choose to believe what God says about His Son Jesus. You see, the more you know God, the easier it is to accept and believe what God says about you instead of what other people say about you. Third, go out there and be who God made you to be. It’s hard at first, but ask for God’s help. Don’t give up, and pretty soon you’ll find it natural to be yourself around your friends and only care what God thinks about you.

Questions to Consider:

  • How can you tell when someone is being fake around you (not being themselves)?
  • Is it hard for you to be yourself around your friends?
  • Why is it important that your friends feel like they can be themselves around you?
  • Scenario #1: Angela has a group of friends that she likes. But she always feels like she has to dress like them, act like them, and talk like them. She has fun with her friends but Angela doesn’t feel like she can be herself around them. What advice would you give Angela if she asked you for help? Do you think this is more Angela’s problem or her friends’ problem?
  • Scenario #2: Russell doesn’t like it when people get picked on or made fun of. But Russell’s friends some- times make fun of a boy at their school. Russell doesn’t join in, but he doesn’t stand up and say some- thing either. Is Russell being himself in this situation? What would you do if you were in Russell’s situation?
  • The best way to be real with your friends is to be real with God. What do you think it means to be real with God?

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