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Sunday Adult Communities

Following Christ together

Develop Authentic Community

We want our people to be spiritually healthy by forming real friendships and doing life together in authentic community, especially during 2020.

We find that people who are growing in their relationship with God also grow in their friendships with each other. Authentic community is knowing and being known, loving and being loved, celebrating and being celebrated, serving and being served. It’s also reaching out to bless others and to expand the Kingdom of God together.

We are currently offering four virtual Sunday morning communities to help you develop your faith and build authentic community with others:

• Bible Essentials for Today – sundays, 11:00am


Contact Amy Halfmann for a Zoom invite.

• Global Christian – Sundays, 9:15am

Our community meets on Zoom and shares an interest in what the Lord is doing around the world! Learn how God is at work in His mission to bring forgiveness from sin, wholeness, and shalom to people from all nations—and how we can join Him in that mission. We pray for our missionaries and partners around the globe as we learn about their work expanding God’s Kingdom. Contact Amy Halfmann for a Zoom invitation.

• Marriage Enrichment Community – sundays, 9:15am

Enrich an already strong marriage, or try out some new ways to interact in a relationship that could use some fresh wind. We enjoy learning about God’s principles for a healthy marriage, discussing them, sharing stories and laughter, and applying what the Lord is teaching us in our marriages. Join us beginning September 20 on Zoom. Contact Amy Halfmann if you are interested.

• Search the Scriptures – Sundays, 9:15am

Connect with others for friendship and spiritual growth as we search the Scriptures together. We work through books of the Bible, balancing with a mix of books from the Old and New Testaments. Join us online this fall as we gather to encourage each other and finish our study of the dramatic, turbulent history of Israel (not unlike our own culture today!) in Kings and Chronicles. Contact Amy Halfmann for a Zoom invitation.