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Global Outreach

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Take a look at our newly expanded Global Outreach website!

Visit to find out more about global missions at Trinity Church. You'll find information about how to get involved, have access to a variety of resources, and meet Trinity's global partners and church-to-church partnerships (C2C).

Partner of the Month

David & Vanessa Maynard, Jericho 11, Diego 8, Hunter 6

The Maynards minister in the Apayao Province of the Philippines among the Isnag people. For the past six years, they have focused on building relationships, Bible teaching, leading Bible studies among the men and women, and helping their ministry partners with Bible translation. To learn more about the Maynard's and read their latest newletters, visit Trinity’s Global Outreach website by clicking the button below.

Interested in being a part of our Advocacy Team for the Maynard's? Click the button and we’ll connect you with their Trinity leaders, Jim & Kathy Cooley and Bruce & Lisa Maynard.

Praying for the World

How can we pray for the global church?

Praying for the World is a resource that provides an overview of the global church. Use it to learn about the greatest challenges and opportunities in global missions today, and be inspired about how to pray for them. Each prayer guide features a specific country or region and includes practical points for learning and praying. We'll feature a prayer guide each month. If you'd like to follow all 52 weeks, go to to sign up for your free guides.

NOVEMBER: Engaging with the Bible


For hundreds of years, the Church has worked hard at translating, publishing and distributing the Bible. It has been extremely successful. Only around 250 million people today are still waiting for Bible translation to begin in the language they know best.[1]

But all this is just groundwork for the main task: seeing the nations become disciples of Christ through engaging with the Bible - starting with those of us who already claim to follow Jesus.

Technology provides more tools for Biblical engagement, as well as many more ways to distract ourselves. Digital Biblical resources (audio Bibles, Bible study apps, videos dramatizing Biblical content) are a great blessing, especially in contexts where Bibles are hard to acquire, where literacy is low, or where it is a security risk to have a hard copy of the Bible.

Bible engagement is a challenge that reaches into every church, and into all the world.

Pray for all those who work in the gap between the Bible and the world:

  • Bible teachers, both among children and adults
  • All who present Bible truth through music, art, dance, drama, fiction and other forms of storytelling and learning.
  • Scholars, critics and commentators
  • Writers, publishers and booksellers
  • App designers and programmers

Pray for a greater presence of the Bible in public life - especially in schools - and in private life through a deeper study of the Word of God.

★ Pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit so that there is a hunger for the Bible in every part of the world.


The Nations: SYRIA


Anti-government protests in 2011 led to a bloody civil war in this Middle Eastern nation. Syria was home to 22 million people when the war started. More than half had to leave their homes because of war. The men were the first to flee the country, and those left in Syria are more often the women, the elderly, the vulnerable and the disabled.

In the past eight years Syrians have lost their peace, prosperity, security, homes, marriages, jobs, family life and children. Half a million Syrians died because of the civil war. Almost every family has lost someone dear to them.

Half the two million-strong Christian community has left Syria. The Christian population had been declining for many years; war accelerated the exodus.

Many Christian groups and churches are offering help to refugees, especially in Lebanon, Germany and Sweden. This is less common in Turkey, where four million Syrians are camped. Syrians are responding to the gospel, both within the country and among the refugees.

Today, the government has recovered most of the territory it had lost. Syria’s minority groups, including the Christians, are being rehoused while the majority Sunnis are neglected.

★ Pray for protection for the Syrian Church from all that opposes it, and also from the temptations to use political favor to its advantage.

★ Pray for a good government in Syria. Pray for justice, forgiveness and reconciliation – impossible though they may seem.

★ Pray for the godly remnant in Syria, and Christians overseas, to lay a foundation of good teaching in the lives of the Syrians who are turning to Jesus.

★ Pray for healing for a level of trauma that overwhelms all human-organized attempts at counseling.

[1] See for example [see from 2018 also for the 250m figure]