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K-4th Grade Lesson

Weekly K-4th Lesson

The Great Race: Nehemiah Prays to God for Help

Lesson Overview

Lesson Title: The Great Race: Nehemiah Prays to God for Help

Main Point:  I will keep on praying.

Bible Verse: "Never stop praying." 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Bible Story: Nehemiah Prays to God for Help (Nehemiah 1-2:8)


Everybody Sing
For Your Glory

Bible Story Video (This is a two part video)

The Great Race Lesson 1

Part 2 of lesson video

Part 2

Living It Out

Main Point Review Activity: Stand in a circle with your family. Have each family member share one prayer request with the family. After each request is shared, have the whole family say the Main Point together. When you are finished, write the Main Point on a piece of paper with all of the prayer requests under it. Pray as a family for each request. Post the paper up in your home as a reminder to keep praying for those specific requests.