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K-4th Grade Lesson

Weekly K-4th Lesson

Messages from God

Lesson Overview

  • Lesson Title: Messages from God
  • Main Point: God communicates to us, so I can listen and talk to Him.
  • Bible Verse: "The Lord will hear when I call to Him." Psalm 4:3

Worship Songs

Only Jesus
You Made Everything

Bible Story Video

God's Story: Messages from God

Review Questions

Choose a few review questions to discuss with your child

  • How did God communicate with Samuel? (out loud)
  • What is one way God communicates with us today? (through the Bible, through parents and other people)
  • We can use the word DATA to remind us how to pray. Try it as a family! D-Describe God: We can tell God what we love about Him. A-Ask for Forgiveness: We can tell God when we're sorry for things. T-Thank God: We can tell God thanks for anything! A-Ask: We can ask God to help us or meet our needs.